123 HP Envy 6075 Setup

123 HP Envy 6075 Setup is an All-in-one printer that incorporates with the printing and scanning features. Moreover, it comes up with Automatic document feeder and kick start your printing work effectively with 123 HP Envy 6075 Setup


For setting up the 123 HP Envy 6075 Printer hardware, do follow the steps that are mentioned below.

  • Get your 123 HP Envy 6075 Printer box to unpack and start the setup process.
  • Open the box carefully using a tool.
  • Take the user guide booklet and software installation CD and keep it aside to use later.
  • In the package, you will be getting power cord and ink cartridges. Separate all those things for further setup process.
  • Now, tilt down the 123 HP Envy 6075 Setup Printer from the box and take out safely.
  • Extract or remove the plastic covers from your printer.
  • Then, you have to dispose all the adhesive tapes and stickers that are around the printer body.
  • Open the front door and remove all the safety materials.
  • Likewise, look into the main input tray and take all the tapes and other materials.
  • Once extracting all the materials, make sure there are no pieces left inside the printer parts.

Download 123 HP Envy 6075 Printer Drivers for Windows

  • Initially, you have to Turn ON your 123HP Envy 6075 Printer and Windows Operating system.
  • Go to 123.hp.com/setup 6075 for downloading HP Printer drivers.
  • Choose the Software and Drivers from the menu.
  • Choose your printer or enter your printer model with number in the search box.
  • Click Submit after entering the printer model.
  • Now, the page results the 123 HP Envy 6075 Drivers as per your request.
  • Make sure to select your OS accordingly and not it displays the 123 HP Envy 6075 Driver for Windows.
  • You might choose any type of printer driver and click the Download
  • Your web browser starts downloading and saving the file in your computer folder.
  • Follow the onscreen steps for installing the software on your Windows to print from 123 HP Envy 6075 Setup

Download 123 HP Envy 6075 Printer Drivers for Mac

  • Make sure to switch ON your Mac computer and the 123 HP Envy 6075 Setup.
  • For downloading the driver directly, visit to 123.hp.com/envy 6075.
  • Select Drivers and Downloads
  • Choose your appropriate OS family and version (MAC)
  • Find the printer software you want to download.
  • Hit Download button and click Save to store in desired folder.
  • On your Mac computer, open the .dmg file and proceed with on-screen installation steps.
  • You can opt for either connecting your printer with USB or Wireless connection in Setup Wizard. Refer 123.hp.com/setup to attain HP support for HP Printer Drivers.

123.hp.com/envy 6075 Wireless Setup

The following steps let you know how to connect HP Envy 6075 to Wi-Fi :

  • Access on your 123 HP Envy 6075 Setup Printer’s control panel for wireless setup.
  • Press down the Wireless from the printer’s home screen.
  • Click Settings icon on your touchscreen display.
  • As per your wish, select Wi-Fi Protected Setup connection or Wireless Setup Wizard
  • The printer displays some list of wireless networks. Make sure your wireless is ON and active to get displayed on printer.
  • From that, choose your Network SSID from the available list.
  • For connecting the printer wirelessly, enter WEP/WPA Passphrase or Network Password.
  • Check the entered security passphrase and click on the Done.
  • Now, wait for a while to connect with HP All in one Printer Wireless.
  • Finally, click Done and your wireless setup configuration will get saved on the printer.

If you want to know how to print wirelessly, download and install the HP Smart application. Make use of Wi-Fi direct connection in order to connect both the devices directly and have smart printing. 123.hp.com/envy6075 has the latest HP Smart Print app or from your play store , get HP Smart app download and install completely. Moreover, ensure that your smart Wi-Fi Router or access point is Active with strong Internet connection. Additionally, to know more about HP Wireless Printer Setup, visit 123hp.com setup envy 6075.

Connect your Envy 6075 Printer to Power Cord

  • On using the power cord, just connect the one end of power cord to 123 HP Envy 6075 Setup Printer.
  • Connect and fix the other end of cord to your wall outlet which gives enough power supply.

After connecting, ensure to turn ON your printer device and wait for while to initialize. For more information about the initial setup on 123 HP Envy 6075, visit to 123.hp.com/setup 6075

Installing 123HP Envy 6075 Setup Printer Ink Cartridges

  • Uncover the ink cartridges which you have received with printer package.
  • Now, lift and open the access door of printer’s cartridge.
  • You can see the snap slots of the cartridge installation.
  • After unpacking, take out the orange tab from the cartridge.
  • Make sure not to touch the protective area of the ink cartridge.
  • Now, begin to install the respective color cartridges in its slot areas.
  • You can confirm the installation, only when it snaps or settles in its place.
  • Install the other color cartridges one by one into the respective area and close the cartridge door.
  • In the next sequence, after the successful installation, you might receive the message on your printer control panel.
  • If any error detected, you can get solution from the 123.hp.com/setup envy 6075

Load the Paper in 123 HP Envy 6075 Setup Printer

After the cartridges installation process, you can adhere with the paper loading steps that are given below.

Make sure to use the high quality paper which is recommended for excellent print output.

  • Pull out the main input tray from the 123 HP Envy 6075 Setup Printer and keep it on flat surface.
  • Load some quite amount of papers into the tray correctly with adjustment of width guides.
  • After loading the papers, load the input tray back into the printer until it stops.
  • Now, print an alignment print page or test page printing to know about our Setup on HP Envy 6075 Printer.

Cautions: On loading more papers or insufficient amount of papers, the printer gets paper jammed.

Note: To prevent your 123 HP Envy 6075 Setup Printer from the paper jam issues or HP printer not printing, you have to check your installed cartridges and loaded papers.